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What Dr. Andrade says about warts

As a foot doctor, one of the toughest problems to see is plantar warts. This kind of skin lesion, also known as verruca plantaris is thought to be caused by a subtype of Human Papilloma Virus. This aggravating condition is usually painless unless it occurs on a part of the foot that bears weight.
A review of the literature shows why this is a dreaded condition for providers. From folk treatments to surgery, the recurrence of the lesions is frequent. Most treatments are aimed at irritating the tissue around the wart until the body “rejects” the area, or at causing the skin to shed along with the wart infecting the skin. These treatments are painful, expensive, and unpredictable.
Frustration with this condition led Dr. Andrade to seek out other treatment options. The microwave-based treatment has been used for years in the United Kingdom, and it is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The Swift device uses a probe to heat the tissue in a limited space with the aim of causing the patient’s own immune system to “wake up” to the presence of the virus. There is limited pain with the procedure; most descriptions rate the pain with that of flicking a rubber band against the wrist. At the end of the treatment, there is no continued pain, and because the tissues are not being destroyed there is no wound and no need for bandages.
This treatment is limited in availability, but Summit Podiatry is able to provide this treatment. This is not a service currently covered by insurance, but financing is available.
If you would like to learn more, information is available at If you think you have a wart, call for an evaluation.

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